Kea Labs

Increase your Online Store's revenue
and gain insights about your customers’ behavior and preferences.

No programming required. No complicated settings.
Visible result in a single day.

5 Things that Kea Labs does:

increases Audience Engagement. People spend more time at your web-site and do a deeper research. Clients will stop leaving your web-site because they can’t find the desired product — Recommendations will show them all the options.

improves Web-site Navigation. It becomes simple to find and compare items. Recommendations will help your Customers to make the right choice.

reduces Customer’s Way from Searching to Purchasing. Three clicks – and it’s done.

increases Average Order Value. Cross-selling and Up-selling make him buy more.

increases Conversion.

Connecting Kea Labs to your Store will take just 15 minutes! We will do all the rest.

How it works

Three simple steps to increase your rates.

The Store adds our code

Exactly like you add Google Analytics to your web-site.

We train and set the algorithm

We proceed the settings of the algorithms individually for your Store to understand its specifics.

We support

Our analytic team monitors your rates and tunes recommendations!

Recommendation Blocks

- Increases Conversion, Average Order Value, Users Engagement of your Store.


A Store without Recommendation Blocks

A Store without Recommendation Blocks

Personalized Recommendations, a Store with Recommendation Blocks

Personalized Recommendations, a Store with Recommendation Blocks

The Blocks’ design is adapted to your Store’s style, Recommendations are fully customized.

Moreover, the Blocks are responsive and look perfectly on ANY devices: Desktops, Tablets, Mobiles.

Благодаря блокам рекомендаций Kea Labs посетители интернет-магазина просматривают до 80% больше товаров и делают до 30% больше покупок

Due to Kea Labs’ Recommendation Blocks customers view up to 80% more items and buy up to 30% more products.

Types of Recommendation Blocks

① Similar Items

② Related Products (Frequently bought together)

③ Recommendations based on Customer’s Behavior

④ Items viewed by other Customers

⑤ Popular items

⑥ Search history and others

How Recommendations increase Conversion and Average Order Value

Recommendation Blocks are individually adapted to every Client in real time. System analyzes every Customer’s action and suggests the most relevant items. As a result, a chance of purchasing significantly increases compared to other blocks of statistics.

Рекомендации продают смежные товары (cross-sell)


A camera will be perfectly accompanied by a flash-card, a bag, a tripod, a charger and lenses. Exactly these items are suggested to Customer to buy with the main item by a Store using Kea Labs.

Рекомендации продают более дорогие товары (up-sell)


More expensive or identical items with better features.

Рекомендации помогают в навигации

Simplify Navigation

Customers see the items they’ve already viewed and can return to them at any moment. It is convenient and increases the chance of purchasing and client’s loyalty — what if he simply forgot something?


Конверсия посетителей, пользующихся рекомендациями 2 раза выше чем у других посетителей магазина.  25-41% заинтересованных посетителей пользуются блоками рекомендаций
Рекомендации увеличивают доход магазина на 8-18%. Средний чек по показателям увеличивается на 15%


Use Kea Labs for free for 30 days and see the effect. If you are satisfied chose a package depending on your Store’s size. No credit card required.

  • Startup
  • All essential algorithms
  • Responsive design
  • Theme customization
  • Automatic monitoring and tuning
  • Deep analysis of attributes and properties
  • Complex products with SKU’s
  • up to 20 000 visitors monthly
  • 149 EUR/month

  • Register
  • Big Store
  • Margin analysis
  • Automatic trends and demand analysis
  • Recommendation of components
  • Expert support and guidance
  • API
  • up to 80 000 visitors monthly
  • 699 EUR/month

  • Register
  • Growing
  • Features of Startup +
  • Error tolerant search
  • Semantic filtering
  • Mobile search
  • Autocomplete
  • Automatic catalog snync
  • 175 EUR/month

  • up to 50 000 requests monthly
  • catalog up to 20 000 catalog size
  • Register
  • Big Store
  • Features of Medium Store +
  • Trends analysis
  • Product promotions
  • Multiregional search
  • Multilingual search
  • 800 EUR/month

  • up to 300 000 requests monthly
  • catalog up to 100 000 catalog size
  • Register

All the plans include technical and analytical support during installation and system usage.

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